Basics - Install Go on Mac OS X

The Go programming language has been popular for a few years now. Developers like Go because it’s modern and fits well with the types of architectures in use today. Some of the cool guy features developers gain when they use Go are around improved garbage collection and networking.

Like many other apps on Mac OS X, Go is easy to install via a package.

  1. Download Go for Mac OS X via the website

  2. Open the downloaded file

  3. Follow the prompts through to completion

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Security Wasn't Always My Day Job

Microsegmentation has changed my view of who should be on a security team. Security isn’t my day job.  Well, that’s what I used to think before this week.  After seeing many, many examples of security issues that can cripple a network or even leak data, my position as they say, has evolved. As a Solutions Architect, I need to find new ways to secure systems I design and products that I recommend.

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Dell Technologies World Day One Review with the Keith Townsend (@CTOAdvisor)

At the end of Day 1 at Dell Technologies World, I had the great honor of sitting down with Keith Townsend (@CTOAdvisor) of as a guest on his CTO Dose Podcast. We discussed a few of the ideas coming out the keynote and our interpretations of those announcements. I always have a great time talking tech with Keith, and I feel like we could have gone on all day. Dell gave us quite a bit to think about and to put into context.

Note: This was after Day1. Day 2 went far deeper into the tech itself.

The video is below.

You can also get this in audio form by going to Keith’s Podcast which is available on most platforms.



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