Appearance - Gestalt IT at CFD6

Cloud Field Day 6 took place a few weeks ago now, but I’m still thinking about those events. One of the interactions was with Dell where a few us delegates were able to speak to Nick Brackney. The three part series discusses some of the of more interesting aspects of cloud today. I invite everyone to check out the videos, and follow the links back to the articles.

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Podcast Appearance - Day 2 Cloud: Building Your First CI/CD Pipeline

I had the great pleasure to appear on episode 19 of the Day 2 Cloud Podcast. This was special to me as I remember when this podcast started. I remember thinking how much I enjoyed the concept. Being a guest on it is still kind of surreal.

I encourage you to give this episode a listen. But even better, check out other episodes as well, as there are lots of super talented folks talking about what it’s like using tech in the real world.

The episode can be found here

I really had a blast talking to Ned Bellavance . In addition to being deeply knowledgeable on tech, he’s an all around good guy. He also a Pluralsight author, so you can check out his work there as well.

Weekend Distraction - Tesla Enhanced Summon

I tried out the enhanced summon feature of the Tesla this weekend. The feature was delivered as part of the massive version 10 software upgrade. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it works at this early stage. It’s clearly in beta, and it operates like a beta. It’s slow. It won’t cross a named street. It may be impractical to use in a number of real world situations. But why dwell on the negatives when we have the start of something that’s super cool?!

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Basics - Install Go on Mac OS X

The Go programming language has been popular for a few years now. Developers like Go because it’s modern and fits well with the types of architectures in use today. Some of the cool guy features developers gain when they use Go are around improved garbage collection and networking.

Like many other apps on Mac OS X, Go is easy to install via a package.

  1. Download Go for Mac OS X via the website

  2. Open the downloaded file

  3. Follow the prompts through to completion

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Security Wasn't Always My Day Job

Microsegmentation has changed my view of who should be on a security team. Security isn’t my day job.  Well, that’s what I used to think before this week.  After seeing many, many examples of security issues that can cripple a network or even leak data, my position as they say, has evolved. As a Solutions Architect, I need to find new ways to secure systems I design and products that I recommend.

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