Tech Field Day

I’ve been super fortunate to attend several Tech Field Day events. The events are sponsored by the presenting companies. My air, hotel, and meals are payed for by the host company, Gestalt IT. Delegates are sometimes presented with gifts from the presenting companies. These gifts are very much the same types of items one would get from attending a trade show and walking the show floor. Some examples of items received:

  • Water Bottles

  • Notebooks (The pen and paper kind)

  • socks

  • T-shirts

  • Sometimes Delegates get trial access to software

No one pays for blog posts to be created by the delegates. Delegates are encouraged to write their true thoughts about the technologies presented. Sometimes that’s positive. Sometimes it isn’t. Personally, I don’t find it enjoyable to write about things I don’t like. That’s true of any tech, not just Field Day tech. I say this to let readers of this blog know that if they don’t see me tearing into a vendor, it’s because that isn’t isn’t my style. It’s not because I’ve been paid by a vendor to be positive.