vDM30in30 - I'm In!

So I decided to join the vDM30in30 Challenge!  30 blog posts in 30 days.  No lie - it's intimidating.  I haven't written as frequently as I had planned.  The cool part, though, is that I won't be alone.  Many others who I read and respect are doing it too.  While I'm following their lead, I don't dare fool myself into believing I'm their equal.

I'm hoping to learn a few things.  This field, this occupation means you can never stay still, yet writing about a topic can really drive the lesson home.  I'm firm believer that teaching a topic is a great way to learn.  Worst case, I'll have a pretty cool set of reference material for myself.

Big thanks to the founder of this challenge,  @vmiss33.  For more info about vDM30in30 including it's history, check out this post here: #vDM30in30