Notes From the Field - Install NetApp OnCommand System Manager 3.1.2 to use w/ Java 8

I recently received a replacement laptop.  The PC was clean except for Windows 8.1 and Office.  Also installed was the latest 64 bit release of Java.  I needed to install NetApp OnCommand System Manager to perform admin duties on some FAS controllers running 7-mode.  The older versions of OnCommand I'd downloaded previously all produced errors related to Java being required.  I thought about installing an older version, but that can be a pain as well as security risk.

I then went to the Netapp support website on the off chance a newer release was available.  And there it was, OnCommand for Windows 3.1.2.  The overview section said exactly what I needed to read:

New Features in System Manager 3.1.2

  • Support for 32-bit or 64-bit Oracle® Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8
  • Support for Internet Explorer® 11

So there it is, if you're looking to run Java 8, there's a version of OnCommand System Manager ready for you.