Data.Gov Offline During the Shutdown

Edit As of 01/28/2019 is online and appears to be accessible. The original post follows below.

Many government websites have been taken offline as the US Government shutdown continues. The site that may affect IT Pros and developers the most is Acting as the US Government’s main data portal, it’s used by many different visitors for multiple reasons. Everything from agricultural data to crime statistics can be found there. Visiting brings up a message saying they are offline “until further notice.” Anyone who relies on this site is potentially left without options. Shutdown Notice Shutdown Notice

One of the aspects of is that it serves as an aggregation point for many government agencies. For example, the US Departments of Transportation and Treasury direct users to In some cases, data can still be found by visiting the website(s) of individual agencies. Unfortunately, some of those agencies have also been affected by the lapse in budget. For example, The Department of Housing and Urban Development has a message similar to the one at

HUD Shutdown Screen

HUD Shutdown Screen

It isn’t all bad news. Some sites remain available, if you do some digging. Here are a few examples.

The current situation with acquiring government data during the shutdown is Your Mileage may Vary. The best advice at this time is to go to the source if your dataset on is no longer available. While it would be best for everyone if were accessible, some agencies continue to publish their data hosted on their own sites.