Basics - Install Go on Mac OS X

The Go programming language has been popular for a few years now. Developers like Go because it’s modern and fits well with the types of architectures in use today. Some of the cool guy features developers gain when they use Go are around improved garbage collection and networking.

Like many other apps on Mac OS X, Go is easy to install via a package.

  1. Download Go for Mac OS X via the website

  2. Open the downloaded file

  3. Follow the prompts through to completion


I recorded a short video of the install process.

Pay particular attention to the path used by Go. This will be the path used when attempting to execute code. It’s OK to store your code elsewhere as long as you update the $GOPATH Attempting to run a file outside the path will produce an error like the one below.


If everything works, you can copy any number of sample files, save them to a folder in the $GOPATH, then execute them. Below is output from a “Hello World” sample I downloaded.



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