Weekend Distraction - Tesla Enhanced Summon

I tried out the enhanced summon feature of the Tesla this weekend. The feature was delivered as part of the massive version 10 software upgrade. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it works at this early stage. It’s clearly in beta, and it operates like a beta. It’s slow. It won’t cross a named street. It may be impractical to use in a number of real world situations. But why dwell on the negatives when we have the start of something that’s super cool?!

As you can see, it doesn’t come all the way to me. That’s OK at this stage.

There a few different ways to activate the feature. The driver can select “Come to me” from the main menu, or go into the “Summon” sub-menu, select “Enhanced Summon”, then pick a destination from a map. The map even offers a Google Earth style overlay if available. This video was shot using the “Come to me” option.

Weekend Distraction is where I discuss technology adjacent topics that interest me. Maybe it’s cool tech, maybe it’s automotive, home automation or something along those lines. I figure I have a blog, so I get to have fun and write about different things.